A cedar wood fence adds a natural and rustic elegance to any Denver residential or commercial property. That’s why you should trust in Colt Fence & Landscape to properly design and install the fence as not to undermine its value. Our contractors are available Monday to Saturday, making us an ideal option for delivering custom cedar wood fence design and installation services to your Denver property at the most convenient time for you.

Sturdy Cedar Wood Fence Installation for Your Denver Property

There are quite a few reasons Denver property owners request the cedar wood fence installation services from Colt Fence & Landscape. Cedar wood fences are known for holding up well to outdoor weather conditions, often outlasting many softwood fences made of materials like pine. Another property of cedar is its natural insect repellant and rot preventative oils, which preserves the fence installation for a long time. Our team won’t have to chemically treat or stain your cedar wood fence, keeping the natural and rustic look for your Denver home or business’ perimeter or backyard.

Custom Fence Design Services Ensure Your Denver Property Stands Out

A cedar wood custom fence design helps a Denver property stand out while ensuring the structure will withstand the test of time. A custom fence adds value to Denver homes and businesses because it’s truly unique. It’s much easier to sell your property for a higher price after adding a custom fence design to your Denver home. Commercial property owners add value to the businesses operating within by giving their visiting clients an excellent and unique first impression. It may cost more to request cedar wood fence design services from Colt Fence & Landscape, but it should be seen more as an investment than an expense.

Denver Homes & Businesses Deserve Our Custom Cedar Wood Fence Services

Colt Fence & Landscape stands behind our craftsmanship and customized approach towards custom fencing design. We work with our Denver clients to save money by properly installing cedar fences that last them a long time and require little maintenance. When you contact us, you will know how the custom fence you hire us to design and install will look as time goes on, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of staining cedar wood. All in all, you can trust in our contractors to deliver a beautiful custom fence to your Denver residential or commercial property.

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Colt Fence & Landscape is a local, family owned business serving Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. Founded by Colorado natives and inspired by their wild and crazy son Colt, our mission is to provide the entire Front Range with high quality, customizable fence and landscaping services. Our joy comes from helping Denver, CO businesses and residents create a space that they love. Whether you need small repairs or a major fence replacement in Denver, CO, Colt Fence & Landscape always treats you like our number one priority. So, fill out our form or give us a call for a free estimate!

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