Wooden fencing has this old fashioned and natural appearance that can’t be imitated with any other material. Split rail fences offer a way to set up this particular aesthetic for your Denver property. Colt Fence & Landscape has been designing and installing custom fences for Denver homes and businesses, to contain their livestock safely while increasing their property value. We are available to help you set up split rail fencing around your property Monday to Saturday, let us know when is convenient for you!

Why You Want Split Rail Fence Installations in Denver

It’s hard to argue with a classic look of a split rail fence. The natural wood is aesthetically appealing while delivering many benefits to those who choose this type of fencing material for their Denver home or business. A split rail fence installation is a choice for you when looking for an alternative that’s low cost, durable, and safe for livestock while requiring little maintenance due to the pre installation treatments. On top of it all, the fence installation is quite flexible because you can set up split rails in any way you want.

Your Denver Home & Business Deserves Thought out Fence Design

No Denver home or business property owner should find themselves in a situation where they have purchased a bunch of posts and rails and either not know what to do or not have the right amount of materials to design their fence. We can give your split rail fence the design you want around your property, your backyard, or any designated area in your Denver property; just tell us the shape you want and let us do the rest. Protect your livestock or decorate your property with the traditional look of natural wood that split rail fences offer.

Shouldn’t Your Denver Home & Business Have a Custom Fence?

No one property is the same as another. Your Denver home or business feels unique to you and should give the same impression to others. Split rail fences are flexible, safe, low cost, and require minimal maintenance. These benefits offer a means to make your property take on a natural and unique appearance. Colt Fence & Landscape’s team delivers our custom fence services to give you the control over the appearance of your Denver property’s fencing with as little hassle as possible.

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Colt Fence & Landscape is a local, family owned business serving Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. Founded by Colorado natives and inspired by their wild and crazy son Colt, our mission is to provide the entire Front Range with high quality, customizable fence and landscaping services. Our joy comes from helping Denver, CO businesses and residents create a space that they love. Whether you need small repairs or a major fence replacement in Denver, CO, Colt Fence & Landscape always treats you like our number one priority. So, fill out our form or give us a call for a free estimate!

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